About Us

Company does not get success without its personnel and not without hardworking of employees. Its all about our team.

We deal in leather wear and all that you want. We deal our products in bulk form to different companies in Pakistan , in Europe Countries(the united states, UK etc.) and all other countries. As well as we deliver our products separately like our customers, if they  want a unit product then they can contact with us and we will deliver those products at your home.

Our Company “Shopliee”  is all about for your services. We have just started these products for your ease. And we respect our customers. If they want our products at home then they have fully right to return it back if its not of his/her choice. And when they order their product/products selected in cart then they will pay the payment.

We just need your support to get success in this area. We will work for your ease. Do support us and we will take care of your demands and try to fulfill those.

And moreover if you have your own designs then  you can send us the designs and we will sure make those designs for you and shape those designs for your use. We are here for you all the time. You ca n contact us on any time when you will need us.

Any Query?